We only fuck with

secure women

Learn to allocate your fucks in life. May good hair be one of them.

Because it's time to consume yourself with things that elevate the best version of you. Don't be sold on all the bullshit. Don't compromise your standards because options were not available. We're not just talking about your hair, but we can definitely help you with that part. 

reject basic.

We did something offensive that would shock the boring and resonate with strong minded rebels. It started with the word "fuck." Then the consistency of our actions solidified the integrity of the brand. Now we're ready to change the fucking game and share our products with the world.

we're sharing our secrets.

If you love what we do, bring it home with you. Be unfuckwithable. Whether it's a product that will mask all your problems or hair extensions that brings out the alter ego. 

Enjoy love.

Hair Mask



I've got you. We'll touch the sky.


The perfect amount of curl, length and drama. With five different styles, it's time to add a little bang, pop, bam, zing and floof to your glam. 


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