Shadow on Level 9 Hair

FBH Shadow Hair Pigment Drops - Before

Before: Level 9 Hair

FBH Shadow Hair Pigment Drops - After


Applying Shadow Hair Pigment Drops on Level 9 Hair

Shadow is a silver tone used to neutralise yellow and maintain a shiny ash. Due to the high demand of the medium grey mask, we created the pigment version so it can be as light or dark as you want. The purple tint ensures the ash does not leave a murky tone.

Her hair was a level 9 so the formulation was 15 drops for 10 minutes. We started at the first 2 inches of blonde to create a root shadow effect. Then ran the rest of the colour through the ends. With thick hair, it is important to do a good shampoo to get all the mask out before blow drying.

FBH Shadow Grey Hair Colour Drops - Swatch

Shadow can be mixed with any of the other pigments to create a more metallic hue.

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