This can be used as a weekly treatment or as a substitute for conditioner. When hair is bleached it needs all the moisture and oils to keep the cuticle smooth. Leave for a minimum three minutes and rinse thoroughly. Blow dry with a paddle brush or round brush while aiming the air downwards for best smoothing results.


Shadow is a silver tone used to neutralize yellow and maintain a shiny ash. Due to the high demand of the medium grey mask, we created the pigment version so it can be as light or dark as you want. The purple tint ensures the ash does not leave a murky tone. 

Her hair is a level 9 so the formulation was 15 drops for 10 minutes. We started at the first 2 inches of blonde to create a root shadow effect. Then ran the rest of the colour through the ends. With thick hair, it is important to do a good shampoo to get all the mask out before blowdrying. 


Pink doesn't always have to be vibrant. We've created an ashy pink that can pair with blondes or fill in as a touch up for clients who like to stay mauve. The lighter the blonde, the more vibrant the pink will be. On darker warm blonde, expect the tone to be closer to a rose gold. 

Model has level 9 blonde hair with two different formulas applied. We used 20 drops on the the first three inches of blonde hair. In the middle, strands were weaved using the 15 drops formula. Colour was left on for 15 minutes to achieve a more dimensional pink with some of the original colour left on the ends.


Metallic purple has a cooler tone and will still fade out to a silver/ashy blonde before returning to original colour. It can be used to created different shades of purple or just to neutralize warmth.

Model has level 9/10 hair who wanted a dusty lavender result. 15 pumps of violet was used and left in the hair for 10 minutes. Her roots were a bit warmer, colour was added to that first before running the rest through the middle and ends.



Our signature beige colour which compliments most skin tones. It reflects an icy hazelnut undertone with a hint of pink and purple. The fade out is a sandy champagne blonde and perfect for people who want to avoid ash colours that may wash them out.  

The model has used the nude pigment many times so the before in this video is an example of the fade out. Her hair is a level 8/9 so we used 20 pumps and left the mask in for 15 minutes.


Truffle is the solution to ash brown fading brassy or back to blonde. The purple tint keeps the ash from looking flat while neutralizing the warmth. Client can now maintain a soft ash brown without having a permanent or demi adding warmth every time they tone. 

Her hair is a faded level 7/8 and we used 35 pumps of truffle and left it on for 20 minutes. The result is depth and coolness while adding shine. She is back to being an ashy brunette.


Create different looks by colour blocking or taking different strands. Ombre effect can be created by doing different formulations of the same colour. You can also melt colour into each other or weave peekaboos for a more dimensional look.