This can be used as a weekly treatment or as a substitute for conditioner. When hair is bleached it needs all the moisture and oils to keep the cuticle smooth. Leave for a minimum three minutes and rinse throughly. Blow dry with a paddle brush or round brush while aiming the air downwards for best smoothing results.


The medium grey is more pigmented and is good for covering any yellow without going murky green. It is a good solution for root shadowing or turning a brassy blonde back to ash. The silver will only work on very light blonde hair to give it the metallic tint.


Metallic plum is a warmer purple but will still fade out nicely. The purple will neutralize yellow and will fade first to a lilac beige then back to the original blonde. This colour compliments warmer skin tones.


Pink doesn't always have to be vibrant. We've created an ashy pink that can go on blondes or as a touch up for clients who like to stay mauve.The lighter the blonde the more pink it will be while on a darker warm blonde the tone will be more of a rose gold.


Metallic purple is a cooler blue tone but will still fade out to a silver/ashy blonde. This can be diluted with clear to create a light lavender colour or just neutralize a warmer blonde.


Create different looks by colour blocking or taking different strands. Ombre effect can be created by diluting the coloured masks with clear! You can also melt colour into each other or peekaboos for a more dimensional look.