Maintain your hair as if we toned it.

It would be unrealistic for me to claim that I've created the perfect product. So let be straight forward and admit this isn't easy to use and it won't work for most people. But for the individuals that find the beauty in trial and error, I hope you can join me in this process and trust me to constantly improve the formulations. The pigment drops is the same concept as the previous coloured masks but with added control and customization. If you don't understand how this works, please don't fucking buy it.

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Professional Quality

Created by a colourist who believes clients can be trusted to maintain salon quality results at home without disrupting future salon services. Professionally tested to nourish, tone, naturally fade out and safe colour removal.

Cruelty free and vegan

Made in Vancouver, Canada. Arianor semi-permanent basic dyes were sourced from a leading global pigment manufacturer in North America. The slightly acidic pH helps to seal hair cuticles, prevent unwanted breakage and lock in natural oils.

Full Control

This product does not lift the cuticle, but sits on the surface to avoid causing damage. Customers will have full control on the opacity of the formula and where the pigment will be applied. Remember: if you have an uneven base, you can't fix it with one overall colour.

Easy Maintenance

The goal of this product is to allow clients to maintain hair colour in between salon visits. The colour lasts 5-20 washes depending on the starting level. With a little trial and error, customers will be able to formulate tones that work best on their own hair.

How To Use

  • Match your current hair colour to the starting level of blonde. Then chose the pigment that will work for your hair. Blank space means that the pigment is not meant for that level.

  • Follow the number of pumps required for your hair level. Divide the formula if you do not wish to use the entire jar. Pigment must be used once mixed.

  • Stir pigment evenly into the hair mask and apply to DRY hair with gloves. Section the hair for even saturation. Do a test strand first.

  • Leave in for suggested processing time. Rinse, shampoo and style. Enjoy your new vibe. Always wait for pigment to completely fade out back to original colour before any hair services.

Use our pigment guide
FBH Colour Chart

Test Strand Tutorial

Here is a quick clip on how to use one pigment on different levels of blonde. Each level requires it's own formulation due to the yellow undertones of hair. After a few tries you'll figure out what works for your hair.

Why Do a Test Strand?

  • Not sure which level you belong to, always start with the lighter one.
  • Hair porosity (damaged cuticle) can cause the pigments to absorb faster.
  • You might need to add a few more drops for the right colour payoff.
  • It's your first time applying a semi permanent product.

Quick Removal

Although not suggested, if you need to strip the pigment out earlier here are some techniques that might work. It's important to use the pigments as a means of maintenance instead of completely changing your hair colour. Do not go a lot darker than the intended formulation for your hair level.


Strong Shampoo

Colour should eventually fade out with general shampooing. To speed up the process use clarifying shampoo, dish soap or crushed vitamin C. Swimming pools and the ocean will also strip the colour.

Baking Soda Mixture

Baking Soda Mixture

Mix baking soda, dish soap, purple shampoo and 10 vol developer into thick liquid consistency. Leave on for 20 mins. Developer will cause natural hair to lift so this should only be used on solid bleach outs.

Last Resort

Bleach Wash

Bleach wash is the last resort and should not be use until almost all of the pigment is faded from the hair. This must be done by a professional stylist and the remaining tone can be neutralized using colour theory.