Mauve on Level 9 Hair
Mauve Pigment Drops After

Mauve Pigment Drops Before

Before: Level 9 Hair

Mauve Pigment Drops After


Applying Mauve Hair Pigment Drops on Level 9 Hair

Pink doesn’t always have to be vibrant. We’ve created an ashy pink that can pair with blondes or fill in as a touch up for clients who like to stay mauve. The lighter the blonde, the more vibrant the pink will be. On darker warm blonde, expect the tone to be closer to a rose gold.

Model has level 9 blonde hair with two different formulas applied. We used 20 drops on the first three inches of blonde hair. In the middle, strands were weaved using the 15 drops formula. Colour was left on for 15 minutes to achieve a more dimensional pink with some of the original colour left on the ends.

Mauve Hair Pigment Drops - Swatch

Mauve can be added to violet to create a more plum purple. Mauve can also be added to nude to create a more blush effect.

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