Nude Hair Pigment Drops on Level 8/9 Hair
Nude Hair Pigment Drops After

Before: Level 9 Hair

Applying Nude Hair Pigment Drops on Level 8/9 Hair

Our signature beige colour which compliments most skin tones. It reflects an icy hazelnut undertone with a hint of pink and purple. The fade out is a sandy champagne blonde and perfect for people who want to avoid ash colours that may wash them out.

The client’s beige toner had washed out and she wanted to maintain the exact colour. Her hair is a level 8/9 so 20 pumps of nude pigment were mixed into the mask and left on for 15 minutes. Shampoo and styled with a 1 ¼” curler with all the sections directing backwards.

Nude Hair Pigment Drops - Swatch

Nude will look warmer as the levels go darker due to the natural yellow tone in hair.

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